Tez Apk – Payment App by Google

Tez Apk - Payment App by Google

Have you heard about Google’s new payment app, which helps you in making transaction like PayPal and QuickPay. It’s an awesome app by which you can create an UPI to send or receive money also you’ll get some additional benefits on first payment and on higher transactions. The name of this app is Tez Apk – Payment App by Google this app is officially launched by Google itself.

Tez App help you in transferring money through the UPI or receivers Tez Number, You have to add your bank with your Tez App so that in future the amount of the transactions will automatically deduct from Bank Account.

It’s fast and smoothly to perform, there is no lag or nothing, no server crashes or slow loadings because it’s Google property, so there is no cache of bad experience. Let’s discuss about the steps of making transactions through Tez Apk.

Tez Apk - Payment App by Google

Tez Apk – Payment App by Google

How To Make Payments in Tez App


  • Firstly, You have to download Tez App – Payment App by Google.
  • They will ask for Mobile Number Verification, so enter the number which is linked to your back account.
  • After this, your app will be opened Now you have to Add you Bank Account in Tez App.
  • Click on top left corner, there’s a option “Add Bank Account
  • Fill the details as they require and Add your bank with app and create UPI.
  • Now you can make payments and receive payments through UPI or Tez App registered number.


Steps to send/receive money through Tez App

  • At Homepage of Tez App, You can see a genre contains Payment Heading.
  • There’s an option for New Payment, just click on that tab to send money.
  • Now Enter the Receivers information, you can enter his Tez Number or UPI which was generated through any platform or you can also enter his/her Bank Account Number. All of these gateway are available in Tez Apk because it’s Payment App By Google.
  • Enter your MPIN which you had set while adding Bank Account.
  • The payment will be successfully completed within couple of seconds.

Receiving payments are simple, you just have to provide your Tez Number or UPI, nothing else. The amount will be credited to your account within the space of couple of seconds after transaction.



Earn Through Tez Apk

You can also earn Money through this app, Tez app is offering Refer and Earn Scheme and also Gift Benefits like Scratch Cards.

There are several methods to earn thousands of rupee, you can earn via Refer and Earn, or you can earn a scratch card by sending an amount of 50 Rs. or more than 50 Rs. The Scratch Card can be worth of 0 Rs. to 1 lakh rupee. Even you’ll get Scratch Card on receiving money in Tez apk, means double benefit.


Tez App Earning Process

  • Open the App and send 1 Rs. to any current user of Tez.
  • You’ll get 51 Rs. cashback in your Account, which will be get credited to your Bank within 48 hours or less.
  • Also, the person who holds that referral code which you applied while installing the app will get 51 Rs. as Referring Bonus.
Step #2
  • Send an amount of 51 Rs. or more than this to a current user of Tez, via UPI or Tez app.
  • Both of you will get a scratch card, scratch it and check your luck. Sometimes it will contains money with any random amount and sometimes it appears empty.
Earn Money Tez App

Earn Money Tez App

You can earn 9,000 Rs. By this, by referring and by scratch cards. So, make you payments thought Tez App because it contains extra gifts on every transaction and everyone like gifts.



Some Highlight Of Tez Apk – Payment App by Google

  • You can send money worth of 1 Rs. to 50,000 Rs. in a single shot.
  • You can also protect your Tez Apk with Fingerprint and Pattern Lock which is an inbuilt feature of Tez.
  • You can Check you Bank Balance without wasting 1.5Rs. of sending message to costumer support. Just Open Tez app, go to bank details, click on Check Balance and Enter you MPIN. That’s it.
  • You can Send/Receive Money through nearby peoples, it will automatically connect you with nearest store or person who is ready for payment.
  • Also, you can create your own QR code or Scan QR code to make/receive payments.
  • much more… explore them out by installing Tez.

Download Tez Apk



Final Words:

We aren’t promotion and unofficial product, this app is officially launched by Google itself. So it is worth of trust and using them is beneficial for us because it contains some unexpected money gifts. Tez Apk – Payment App by Google is on rapid growth so make download and get connected with others.

Keep sharing and stay tuned with us for more latest updates.

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